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Great gear makes life great

We’ve always been passionate about great gear. Whether it’s the stuff you wear to flag your fetish or the toys and equipment you use to enhance your play, great gear makes sex better. And great sex makes your life better.

In 2005 we opened our retail store, Gear Leather & Fetish, to share our passion for great gear with the world. Our unique shopping environment, outstanding service, and exceptional curated collection of quality fetish products quickly earned us widespread customer and industry acclaim.

In 2014, two of our favorite suppliers chose us to advance their founders’ legacies into the twenty-first century. That’s when JimSupport and LeatherStock joined our family, and our new corporate entity — Fetish Locker — was born. Today, Fetish Locker is a leader in retailing, manufacturing, and distributing fantastic fetish goods.

Please take a look around and learn more about us. Whether you’re a business that’s interested in carrying our products or a retail customer who wants to find out more about what we do, we’re eager to serve you with our renowned excellence and care.

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