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The Leading Brand of Industrial-Strength Portable Play Equipment.

JimSupport is your brand for the world’s finest sling frames, rim seats, play furniture, and everything else that goes with them.

We develop, design and build industrial-strength stuff for piggy male play. And because we’re passionate pigs ourselves, we understand what you like a whole lot more than most.

Rugged. Tough. Creative. Pervy. Smart.

Our equipment reflects the men who use it. And it’s built to last a lifetime. Just like you.

Back in 1999 we created the Porta Sling, the world’s first—and still the only— truly portable metal sling frame product. To this day Porta Slings remain the ‘go-to’ sling stands on porn shoots, at sex clubs and in tens of thousands of bedrooms worldwide, because they’re so sturdy, durable and easy to build and take apart.

And because you’ve never stopped evolving, neither have we. Thanks to your suggestions and the imaginations of our kinky creative staff, our product line keeps growing and improving. Today we make a whole host of rim seats, play benches, slings and accessories to complement our frames.

Nobody has more products for portable pervy play than JimSupport.

Making the world’s finest pig play furniture is all we do. It’s not a hobby or a side business. It’s our job year round. And that’s what makes us better at it than anyone else.

If pig play is your passion, we’re here to offer our support. JimSupport.

For Wholesale Inquiries, call 760-864-1600 or email us at orders@fetishlocker.com.


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