Amazing leather-scented products for your body and your home.

It all started with an amazing fragrance. Ten years ago, LeatherStock™ discovered the formula for the most realistic leather aroma in the world.

Heady. Masculine. Authentic. Intoxicating. But not harsh or overbearing. It’s what we now call our LeatherStock true-leather scent.

Our first creation was a roll on oil-based cologne that remains our signature product to this day. LeatherStock Body Scent absorbs into your skin and reacts with your personal chemistry to leave you smelling like fresh leather. It’s been called "sex in a bottle." Really, it’s that good.

Today we make a full assortment of body washes, massage oils, hand-poured candles and other fine products for your body and home. Each one is crafted in small quantities to insure artisanal quality and exacting authenticity. And all are infused with our trademarked LeatherStock true-leather scent.

Whether you want to freshen your home, smell sexy, or set the mood for a night of passionate play, you’ll love LeatherStock!

LeatherStock is a registered trademark of eScents Of, LLC, a Fetish Locker company.

For wholesale inquiries, call 760-864-1600 or email us at info@leatherstock.com.

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