Our story

We love kinky play. We love great gear. And we love teaching guys about both. So back in 2005 we decided to create a business that would let us share our passions with the world.

We knew from the start that we wanted to open a cool store filled with the great clothing, accessories, toys and playroom equipment made by our friends—all the stuff that we used in our own lives, because we knew it was the best. We also knew that we wanted to create a lifestyle destination—a store that was sexy, but not just another sex shop.

We merchandised our products differently, showcasing them in an environment which was beautiful, spacious and clutter-free. We emphasized our openness by leaving our floor-to-ceiling windows uncovered, flooding the store with natural light. And we made sure that you could touch, try out and try on virtually everything that we carried.

On October 7, 2005, we invited the world into Gear Leather & Fetish for the very first time. Right from the start, guys loved shopping in our unique store.

Over the years we’ve developed a reputation as a place where shopping is fun, where customers are cared for, and where you know you can ask about anything without fear or shame. And in doing so, we earned not only our customers’ gracious support, but also the admiration of our industry.

That respect was demonstrated in late 2013 when two of our favorite wholesale partners asked if we’d be interested in carrying on their legacies. That’s how JimSupport and LeatherStock became part of our family. And when we needed to create a new corporate entity under which to organize everything, Fetish Locker was born.

The word ‘fetish’ comes first in our name because it’s at the core of everything we do. We added ‘locker’ because it’s a place where you protect the gear that means the most. We also like how locker rooms are casual, sexy places where guys feel comfortable just being themselves. We think everybody deserves to feel that way, especially when they play.

We pledge that as you do business online with JimSupport.com and LeatherStock.com, you can expect the same great experiences that you’ve come to expect in our Gear retail store:

  • Beautiful, clutter-free shopping which places products front and center;
  • Amazing follow-through and customer care;
  • The ability to ask us anything and get fast, unbiased answers;
  • Fair, competitive pricing;
  • Honesty and integrity.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to lead a passionate, creative and playful life. And that great gear is the launch pad for great play. Even though we’ve grown, we’re still just a couple of guys sharing our favorite gear with our friends. We hope that you’ll check out what we have to offer, and start your own sexy-fun journey.